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Precision, Punctuality, Professionalism

Stay In The Cool Air Conditioning Services is a small business in Barbados with one goal, which is to meet our clients' demands by going the extra mile to make sure they are completely satisfied. We're fully prepared with over 15 years of experience in the air conditioning field. Contact us today for professional air conditioning in Barbados.

Our Services


Make The Right Decision

Looking for reliable consultation on the correct AC size and the area for installation?
We are available to help with this decision. Our site visit and quotation are free, we can also assist you with electrical installation for your new AC unit.
Contact us and make the cool decision today!

Consultation for AC Instllation done by Stay In The Cool

AC Installation

Create Cool Environments

The installation process of a mini split system can take 3 to 6 hrs. to complete, depending on various aspects of the work needed to be done. A separate power supply should be present for each AC unit before the installation. Contact us for more details!

AC installation done by our professionals
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AC Maintenance

Optimize Cooling

At Stay In The Cool, we are big on AC maintenance. We highly recommend a routine maintenance schedule for each of our clients. This ensures cooling efficiency, less airborne pollutants and optimum energy efficiency. Contact us to learn more about our routine maintenance.

Professional AC maintenance done by our technicians
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Rust Proofing


Your outdoor unit is the most important part of your AC unit, it houses the heart of the unit. Therefore, we offer a rust proofing service to add an additional layer of protection to your outdoor unit. This layer increases the longevity of the complete AC unit. It provides protection against harmful outdoor elements that cause corrosion.
Contact us to find out more today.

Condenser dissambled for rust proofing
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